Hormone Cheatsheet

Posted - October 7, 2020

Cortisol is a hormone made in the adrenal glands and is controlled by the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and the adrenals.

Blood levels of cortisol vary throughout the day but are generally higher in the morning when we wake up (to get us through the height of the day)? and then fall throughout the day. ?

Cortisol is an important hormones that protects our well-being and helps with our stress levels. However, having an imbalance of cortisol can affect us in so many ways:

• Bloating
• Sleep cycles and Quality of sleep
• Mood
• Weight
• Blood sugar regulation
• Metabolism
• Inflammation
• Cravings, etc.

If you have too much cortisol you might experience irritability, weight gain, sugar cravings, skin conditions, indigestion and other symptoms. Too much cortisol over a prolonged period of time can lead to a syndrome called Cushing’s Syndrome.

Too little cortisol may be due to a problem in the pituitary gland. The symptoms presented might be fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure or low blood sugar, weight loss, muscle weakness, mood changes and the darkening of regions of the skin. The symptoms show up gradually. This can actually potentially be a life-threatening condition.

*It is so important to get tested if you are suffering from any of these symptoms.* It also crucial to limit your stress.

I know I know…… easier said than done but there are so many ways!

Some things might be exercise, ?‍♂‍meditation,?‍♀‍ cooking, reading, ?‍?walking, anything that you can enjoy and let your mind go. ?

What are some things that you do to alleviate stress?
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