Happy New Year

Posted - December 20, 2019

What a year we just had, and what a year this one will be. Working in the fitness industry, I have seen so many people go into the New Year with every intention of sticking with their resolutions for the year. Goals often revolve around losing weight, making or saving money, spending time with their family, traveling more, or simply being happier. The excitement of a fresh start gets people motivated to make a change or to try something new. Then life gets in the way, and a few weeks or months later those resolutions take a back seat until the following new year is again knocking at our door.

How do we make this year different, and how do we make these resolutions happen?

Here are 3 easy tricks I’ve learned.

  1. Set specific goals and the steps to reach that goal rather than a resolution. Phrase these goals like “workout 3x a week” as opposed to “losing weight.” This will help make the steps to accomplish your goal much easier to determine. I start with categories such as family, social, spiritual, work, or health. Then I write down a goal within that category. Finally, I set 2-3 steps to reach that goal. One of my goals this year is to do one unique thing a month. This gives me something to look forward to each month.It may seem overwhelming to plan an entire years worth of activities ahead of time, however that is actually only 12 things. So first I have broken the year in half. I will focus on the first 6. In January I am doing indoor sky diving, February I am visiting a place I have never been, and so on. By planning ahead it takes the work out of it when life does happen and I get busy.
  2. Set appointments or dates. When we have actually set a time or date for something the accountability to do it is higher. This works for both things that are challenging such as “working out 4 times a week” and things that are fun such as “go to 4 concerts this year.” You don’t want the end of the year to come and you never got around to even looking up who’s coming into town.
  3. Help hold yourself accountable by making your goals vocal or visual. I am a visual person so I create a board that stays up in my office all year long. There are small boxes to check off when I accomplish a goal. This not only helps me stay on track but also allows me to feel pride when I do complete something. Not only do I see the board every day, but everyone else sees it too. My friends, family and even strangers help hold me accountable to reach my goals because they can see how I’m doing.

Setting and accomplishing a goal is amazingly rewarding but it can also be challenging and scary. How will you feel if you actually got that promotion or trained for that run? Am I embarrassed to admit I want to start working out and eating better? If I tell others my goal, how will they react? What if I don’t accomplish it? Could you even be self-sabotaging?

Remember, most people set New Years resolutions which mean we all have dreams, goals and things we want to do in our lives. Find someone to share a goal with and have them do the same. Just having one person on your team makes all the difference.

Take a moment for yourself today and set a goal or two for the year. You never know how far you can take your life.

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