Do You Know What To Look For When Buying Yogurt?

Posted - June 2, 2019

As soon as this creamy filled delicious “yogurt’ hits your tongue, your happy hormones of serotonin and dopamine are dancing around like nobody is watching! It is like candy that you think is healthy! Key word: THINK. How could you not believe it is healthy? The carton clearly states that it is Greek yogurt, has probiotics, all natural, and Grade A, right? Well, unfortunately, we still live in a world where food companies can put whatever claims they would like on their labels.

Despite the strong implication that this Greek style strained yogurt is greek – it’s pretty much just regular yogurt with extra thickeners. Since strained yogurt has more liquid taken out, the nutrients are more concentrated. Therefore, one of the traits to look for in a good quality greek yogurt is for it to contain at least 12g of protein per 6 oz. This yogurt only contains 6 g of protein per 6 oz.

To give you an example of a good greek yogurt, Siggis greek yogurt contains 14 g of protein per serving! Going even further, one cup of this creamy dessert brings on 14 grams of fat, 45% of that being the artery clogging saturated fat. Yup, that’s the same amount of fat as a Snickers bar. If you need more explanation on why this “dessert” is something to throw down the sink: out of the 34 grams of carbohydrate, 32 grams of those are pure sugar. That’s 8 teaspoons of sugar! You might as well have a McDonald’s sweet tea.

The ingredients listed make this yogurt what it is: Second ingredient is evaporated cane syrup (that simply means sugar) and third ingredient is cream. I think you get the point.

When looking for yogurts, a good greek yogurt should have less than 20 grams of sugar (keep in mind that a 6-ounce serving of plain yogurt has about 13 grams of naturally occurring sugar from milk), no more than 150 calories, and less than 5 grams of fat. Yogurt can be an incredible source of probiotics so choose brands bolstered with additional potent bacteria by looking for the words Lactobacillus (L. Acidophilus) and/or Bifidobacterium (B. Bifidum) in the ingredients. Avoid yogurt that states that is has been “heat treated.” That only benefits the company – NOT YOU – since it prolongs the shelf life but negates the health benefits of yogurt.

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