Results Fitness believes in being involved and investing in the community. We feel this is a great way to give back to those who support small businesses. We are dedicated to creating a healthier and strong Rockwall. We are proud to partner with and give back to our community.

Rosaura and Jazmin
Mother and Daughter

Member Highlight - Member since 2018

Member Highlight

Meet Rosaura and Jazmin our Member Highlight!

Member Highlight:

Rosaura and her daughter Jazmin are our members of the month! They joined us in the beginning of 2018,  since then they have been coming to the gym at least 3 times a week, is great see them working out and challenging themselves!

Rosaura found us on Google, she was looking for a women only gym.  She found the right place for them, only women, quiet, great environment, community, they have everything they need to workout, is comfortable, now in this COVID times, they feel safe, and the fact that they do not have to wear a mask  nowadays makes the difference!

Laura Anderson

Meet prior member and our current amazing 20/30 Fast Track Director Laura Anderson. We are so proud of Laura for all that she has accomplished including winning Outstanding Achievement/Most Contagious Award!

Laura came to us as a member of the 20/30 Fast Track Program in August of 2019.  She started off by losing 26 lbs in 30 days.

Amazing right!?

The weight loss is great but she will tell you and we can tell you that it is more about how her whole health and mindset has changed. She now

  • doesn’t have to take any sleeping pills
  • doesn’t have headaches anymore
  • has more energy than she has had in a very long time
  • waking up early in the mornings now
  • loves cooking and meal prepping
  • has fallen in love with working out and running

It was only a few months into her starting 20/30 Fast Track that she knew she wanted to not only continue this lifestyle but that she wanted to help others feel the same way she does.

In December 2019, she did just that. She saw our job opening here and decided to leave her job of 10 years to help others here.

Today she has lost 85 lbs in 13 months BUT even greater, she has inspired more people to take their life back by being bold about sharing her journey

Congratulations again Laura! We Love you!

Raema Toney

Prior Member Highlight

Raema is sitting with our Trainer Jennifer and joined Results in May of 2019.  She has been a breath of fresh air every time she walks through the front door or calls to book her Hydromassage appointment!  With 180 check-ins since she has joined, Raema has really pushed herself to do and feel better and has become an important part of the Results Fitness Family!

 If you find yourself needing help with the Hydromassage and a member starts to tell you all about it, that’s Raema!  Raema does personal training 2 times a week with Jennifer.  She has gained strength and balance though her sessions.  You will find the two of them chatting away mid day, but Raema will try not to talk as she knows the importance of concentration on form and the muscles that are supposed to be activated!  Cheers to Raema!  I’m sure she will be at this months FRIYAY!  Come say “Hi”!

Julivette Pereira

Prior Member Highlight

Member Highlight:
Julivette comes into the gym with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step regularly!  She used to come in hit and miss, but has recently created a schedule for herself to workout and it shows!  She is committed to herself and her workout time and we see the results.  
Julivette is one of those members that pushes herself individually and always has a planned workout.  U-tube helps her to get very creative!  Her fun “me” time is when she gets in the gym for ZUMBA!  Julievette does have one requirement when she comes into the gym from staff…. to show off her current outfit!  She is always color coordinated and on point from her glasses to her toes! 
If you ever see this bright sunshine, say hi and join her for a ZUMBA dance class weeknights!
Her Testimonial:
A great place to workout in peace having fun and with Results. 
Why this Gym? Easy, this gym has the best classes. My favorite class is Zumba, because I love to have fun while I’m burning calories. Eventually my fitness goals changed and I started to do more around the gym. I like to workout by myself and is my own little time and space to take care of me without any judgments. The staff is AMAZING, they make you feel loved and safe everyday. Hygiene and safety procedures are on point always, I feel secure and safe every-time, I am at home. 

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Members are so Encouraging!

The reason I chose Results for Women is because of the support you received.  It’s not only the staff that walks side by side with you, the members are so encouraging.  My success is important to them.

Susan N.- Member Since: July 2020

I Love all the Support!

I have been coming to Results since I retired in December 2019.  I visited several gyms but found my home here.  I love all the support from all staff and other ladies.  I enjoy all the classes & trainers.  I feel I get a great workout.  My favorite classes are with Jen.  She pushes you to your limit.

Sandra P.- Member Since: Dec. 2019

I Love Coming to this Gym!

I love coming to this gym and the friendships I’ve gained.  I’m greeted every morning with a smile and my children love coming here.  I enjoy all of the morning classes and the instructors, but my favorite classes are spin, turbo-kick and high fitness.

Cayla P.- Member Since: Apr. 2010

This Gym is the Friendliest!

Results Fitness for Women is a Fantastic Gym.  There are many options of class styles as well as different trainers, so you never do the same workout twice.  The people I work out with, the trainers and the staff are all always supportive & motivating to be around.  “This gym is the Friendliest”.  Childcare area is always super clean.  My 2 year old loves coming to the gym with me because she gets to play with her friends.  I am so happy with this gym.  Taking steps forward in my fitness goals surrounded by the Best!!

Elizabeth F.

Classes are Great!

All Classes are great and everyone is so friendly and helpful.  Childcare is really good, my kids love it.

Veronica C.- Member Since: July 2017

Classes are Amazing!

I joined Results after a friend gave me a 3 day pass.  My daughter loved the childcare, so she would beg me to go to the gym.   I started taking classes.  The classes are Amazing!  The trainers energy make you want to push through the burn.   I have noticed all of the women here encourage and uplift everyone around them.  The front staff is great and keep me motivated.  Since I have started, my anxiety has greatly decreased and my energy level is up.  I have found a sense of community.

Katie M.- Member Since: Sept. 2017

2135 Ridge Rd, Rockwall, TX 75087

(972) 722-5239

Results is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for all of its members and staff. Our priority is to empower you to return to your lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. We thank everyone for working as a team to keep the gym clean and safe. We hope to see you soon!!


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