About Us

Results Fitness for Women is a full service fitness and weight loss facility.  No matter your age, size or activity level,  our goal is to provide a bright clean gym for all our members to feel like they truly belong.  Along with home and work, we want to be that third place for our members– a place of motivation, inspiration and positivity for all that come through our doors. We offer a variety of equipment, group fitness classes, spa services, child care and certified personal trainers.  With highly motivating and caring team members, we will help you improve or maintain your wellness and fitness level while enjoying the company and support of other women. 

Denese Overhulse

I joined the staff here at Results Fitness in May 2018 after coming in for a Monthly Challenge.

I was so comfortable here and I literally fell in love with every aspect of this amazing gym and the people here. I wanted to be a part of it immediately. I desperately needed fitness for myself and am very fortunate to have begun this career in the fitness industry at this “late” stage in my life. This is a new chapter, and I plan to make it the best. Hopefully, others will be inspired by my choice

I consider myself a pretty lucky person to be able to help people realize how important they are and watch their radiant faces when they begin to see the obvious results. For me, the best nutrition tip is that if I fail to plan, then I can plan to fail. Meal prep is the key to success!

Entertaining and spending time with my crazy husband, insane family and amazing friends mean everything to me! The more the merrier! I am inspired in my fitness journey by my youngest son. At age 18, he moved to California, planted a church, went to college and lost over 100 pounds. Two years later, he ran the San Francisco Marathon and is currently training for the Seattle Marathon. I don’t see a marathon in my future, but I am learning to never say never!

My husband and I became empty nesters 3 ½ years ago and moved to Texas from Washington state. We planned on being here for 3 years and then going back “home”. I can safely say we fell in love with Rockwall, and this is our new home. My daughter and her family have since moved here while my oldest and his family live in North Carolina. I am blessed with 3 grandchildren and 6 grand puppies! I am a very lucky Mema!

Laura Anderson

  1. How long have you been with Results Fitness?

    I went through the 20/30 Fast Track program in August of 2019 and it changed my life completely!  I started as the Director for 20/30 in December of 2019, and absolutely love being a part of the Results Fitness Team. 

  1. What’s your favorite part of your job?

    Seeing people change their lives, I know first-hand how amazing it feels to claim your life back and feel your best.  It is such a privilege to coach and help others claim the same victory in their own lives! 

  1. What’s your best fitness or nutrition tip for members?

    Keep at it! Every day you are getting stronger and stronger.

  1. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

    Hang out with my husband and fur babies, I love to go for long walks and runs with them.  

  1. Why did you get into the Fitness Industry?

    To help others be the best versions of themselves, however that looks for each individual. 

  1. Who inspires you?

    God, I am so grateful that His mercies are new each day; and my husband, he is the most supportive person in my life and gives me the push I need to chase my dreams.  I am also inspired by anyone and everyone that is chasing their dreams and by any and all positivity! 

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

    I volunteer in the preschool and on the prayer team at our church, and love building up the future generation and praying for those that may be hurting. 

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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Members are so Encouraging!

The reason I chose Results for Women is because of the support you received.  It’s not only the staff that walks side by side with you, the members are so encouraging.  My success is important to them.

Susan N.- Member Since: July 2020

I Love all the Support!

I have been coming to Results since I retired in December 2019.  I visited several gyms but found my home here.  I love all the support from all staff and other ladies.  I enjoy all the classes & trainers.  I feel I get a great workout.  My favorite classes are with Jen.  She pushes you to your limit.

Sandra P.- Member Since: Dec. 2019

I Love Coming to this Gym!

I love coming to this gym and the friendships I’ve gained.  I’m greeted every morning with a smile and my children love coming here.  I enjoy all of the morning classes and the instructors, but my favorite classes are spin, turbo-kick and high fitness.

Cayla P.- Member Since: Apr. 2010

This Gym is the Friendliest!

Results Fitness for Women is a Fantastic Gym.  There are many options of class styles as well as different trainers, so you never do the same workout twice.  The people I work out with, the trainers and the staff are all always supportive & motivating to be around.  “This gym is the Friendliest”.  Childcare area is always super clean.  My 2 year old loves coming to the gym with me because she gets to play with her friends.  I am so happy with this gym.  Taking steps forward in my fitness goals surrounded by the Best!!

Elizabeth F.

Classes are Great!

All Classes are great and everyone is so friendly and helpful.  Childcare is really good, my kids love it.

Veronica C.- Member Since: July 2017

Classes are Amazing!

I joined Results after a friend gave me a 3 day pass.  My daughter loved the childcare, so she would beg me to go to the gym.   I started taking classes.  The classes are Amazing!  The trainers energy make you want to push through the burn.   I have noticed all of the women here encourage and uplift everyone around them.  The front staff is great and keep me motivated.  Since I have started, my anxiety has greatly decreased and my energy level is up.  I have found a sense of community.

Katie M.- Member Since: Sept. 2017

2135 Ridge Rd, Rockwall, TX 75087

(972) 722-5239

Results is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for all of its members and staff. Our priority is to empower you to return to your lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. We thank everyone for working as a team to keep the gym clean and safe. We hope to see you soon!!


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