7 Hormones are Keeping You From Losing Weight

Isn’t it time you found the real solution to weight loss and hormone imbalance?  

Let us show you how you can balance your hormones and lose weight – averaging 20 Pounds in 30 Days!

With the 2030 FastTrack weight loss program you will learn to balance hormones and reduce stress while losing an average of 20 pounds in 30 days.  You will also experience some amazing health benefits!  Here are a few examples of benefits claimed by our members:

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Blood sugar stabilized
  • No more acid reflux
  • No more Insomnia/sleeping more soundly
  • No more night sweats or hot flashes
  • Migraines gone
  • Joint pain gone
  • Foggy brain cleared up/mental clarity
  • Energy increased
  • IBS symptoms/diarrhea and constipation relieved



Want to find out how to win against the 7 Hormones that may be keeping you from losing weight and enjoying life?  

Want to hear from actual people who have done it and hear what they have to say?

Then, you’re invited to a FREE informative and motivating 60-minute seminar, including guest testimonies of actual participants. You will get empowered with understanding how balancing your hormones can help you lose 20 pounds in 30 days and experience some amazing health benefits.

Reserve a seat today by calling us at (972) 722-5239 or emailing us at rockwallinfo@resultstx.com.

More Weight Loss Success Stories

Colleen Korson:

I LOVE this program!  I had a baby in my 40’s and tried everything to lose weight and be healthy again. On this program, I lost 19 lbs, 19 inches and over 3% body fat in my first 30 days! Since then, I’ve continued to lose body fat and pounds – 42 lbs total and 5% body fat!  I’ve even been able to cut back on the daily medicine I take. In addition, my carpal tunnel no longer wakes me up at night, I’m not nearly as moody as I had been and I’m full of energy now! This program is a life-changer!

Robert White:

Before I began this program, I had headaches every day.  It was normal for me to take, at least 4, and many times, 6 or more Excedrin EVERY DAY. After just a couple weeks, I realized my headaches were gone and now I go 3-4 days Excedrin-free. When I do get a headache, 1 pill does the trick.  On top of that, my blood pressure has been reduced to a new low! I feel better, have more energy and I’m spending less money on food!

Cathy White:

I’ve learned that changing eating habits is not depriving myself of certain things but investing in my well-being and overall health. This is what is motivating me to keep moving forward with the program.

Susan Jones:
Total of 27 lbs, 6.3% Body Fat (!) and 21.5 inches

I started the 20/30 program because I was not happy with the way I looked or felt about myself. Once I started losing the weight, I felt incredible! More energy and no more aching joints! I look better than I have in years. I am currently 5 pounds from my goal weight and have no doubts I will get and stay there! My husband and family couldn’t be happier for me. Now if I could get my husband to keep his hands to himself once in a while….


Tammy Escobedo:

The 20/30 FastTrack program has truly been a gift to me.  Since I have been on this program, I have been sleeping better, my head has been much more clear and I’ve just felt so much better overall.  The structure of the program makes it so easy to succeed.  Everyday, I know exactly what to eat. Although, I may do my grocery shopping a bit more often than before, it has been much quicker getting in and out.  I get to pick from my list of food and don’t worry about all the other temptations (which really haven’t been tempting at all since 20/30). Not only did I lose weight, I lost so many INCHES! And… the 20/30 team was fabulous!  They really held me accountable and encouraged me when I needed it! Thank you!

Carolyn Slaughter:

What a blessing this has been!  At 69, I completed 30 days and lost 20.8 lbs! I continue to lose in the LTYB phase and am down a total of 33.6 lbs! As amazing as the weight loss is, it is only a side effect of this plan. I am sleeping better and am no longer using pain relievers for pain in my joints. My allergies are so much better and my energy level is great. I’m looking forward to so many more great years of this life change. Thanks to all at 20/30 Fast Track!

Crissy Gantenbien:

I love the 20/30 fast track program! I did see many benefits like having more energy and not feeling bloated, but what I love most now is my willingness to try new veggies! What I once stuck my nose up to I actually crave!!! The results are worth it and I truly love my fast track family!!

Julia Johnson:

The 20/30 FastTrack program is awesome!  I have Fibromyalgia and would often have fairly intense flare up’s that inhibit my day-to-day activities.  Since I’ve been on the program, I have only had 1 minor flare up and that was due to the weather changes. That has been a life changer for me!  I’m, also, finding that instead of spending my money on fast food and feeding my family unhealthy meals, I am now buying fresh, healthy foods that last longer and feed more people. Overall, I am feeling so much better and have such higher energy for my family. Thank you, 20/30!



With membership options ranging from 19.95 to 49.95, we are to help you match the access level and amenities that fit your health and fitness goals.


With membership options ranging from 19.95 to 49.95, we are to help you match the access level and amenities that fit your health and fitness goals.

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