Sonja is a Trainer at our Rockwall club. Many may think health and fitness comes easy for our staff, but that is certainly not the case. They all work hard for it and Sonja is an amazing example of that…

I started my journey in January of 2014 pushing the scale at 233 lbs. My weight was back up again from bad eating and drinking. I was still lifting but as you can see, diet is the key. I decided that before the end of the year I would step on stage. This is from hard work and clean eating. I am extremely proud to say I did it! I lost over 60 lbs and 20% body fat creating a whole new me.

I am currently 17 weeks out from my next two back-to-back competitions and plan on two more before 2015 is up. I am now proud to say that I am chasing my dream to be an IFBB Pro Women’s Master Physique Competitor before I turn 40!